Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hello everyone. I hope that all of you had a fabulous summer, and have been growing well. I have some very bad news about the upcoming Beardsman contest in November. We have had to re-schedule the contest for early next year. There were a handful of reasons why we came to this decision. We obviously feel terrible for everyone who was looking forward to November. Just know that you weren’t alone.

First and most important reason is that the Beardsman Bay of Beards Contest is a fundraiser event. In March of 2009 we raised $1500 with 100 bearded and non-bearded patrons that attended. We couldn’t reach an agreement between Beardsman and the venue allowing a door charge for that day. This was a major blow to the fundraising aspect of the event.

Second, we are working toward registering the Beardsman Foundation as a Not-For-Profit Charity. This takes time. Even if we started months ago (which we did), we wouldn’t have enough time to fully be ready, but with that status we will be able to get larger donations from outside sources that will help the fundraising effort. In turn, that will drop the door cost, and possibly make the next contest even bigger, better, and more successful as a whole.

Third, the promotional items that are essential for this contests success we’re not prepared in time. The last contest we did had flyers and posters 2 months prior to the event even being announced. This was my fault, and I apologize for being unprepared. This means that the event would be suffering severely from promotion. I would rather have no contest, then a half-assed one. I think that everyone can agree about that.

So, we are arranging a new, more suitable venue that will be able to hold a lot more people, with a smaller entry fee, and bigger raffle items that make your beard hard. We will keep you up to date about everything, and as soon as we have the venue and more importantly the date we will let you all know. Thanks for your patience, and I appreciate your ongoing support.