Thursday, April 26, 2012

Product Review: Man Face Stuff

 A little while ago I was talking with a great friend of mine, Neven Mrgan. His talented brother, Daniel Mrgan is the wonderful designer that makes Beardsman look so damn fresh. I was visiting him a little while back, and mentioned to him that I was looking for new products that make beards and moustaches more tolerable to maintain and  keep on faces. Neven lives in Portland, Oregon where it has been recently named the most bearded city out of all in the union. That being said, he told me about a guy who makes this homemade, wonderfully scented, high quality waxes and balms. So when Man Face Stuff sent me some samples of their wax and balm, I was very excited to try them out. 

I'll start with the Beard Balm because I definitely got the most use of this. The first thing I noticed when I opened the mail package is the packaging. Man Face Stuff has a definite eye for style. Incredibly professional, highly stylized, various sized tins. These days, packaging is very important, and there is a practical side as well. The tins are a great size to fit into a pocket or keep out on your dresser or counters without a terrible looking bottle or something weak. Aside from the packaging, the balm itself has a great scent. It is not overwhelming, and pleasant. It's manly enough to be for a dude, but you won't smell like you just cut down a tree. I'm more of a "fresh and clean" scent kind-of-a-guy, so it's a nice medium. When you open the tin, you'll see what looks like a candle without it's wick. The only thing about the product that I had a hard time with (if you want to call it that) was the application of the balm. I think that there should be a little more direction for the new jacks. Even I had problems knowing "how" to apply it. How much, how to, maybe small list of examples, etc... Just a thought, but overall The Man Face Stuff, Beard Balm is a solid product. Needs a little more attention to application instructions, but perfect practice makes perfect I guess.

The waxes that Man Face Stuff sent Beardsman was the Gin and Tonic scent/flavor. Now, truth be told, I had a friend, Joel test this out for me. (The true meaning of "friends with benefits") I asked him to let me know how he liked it because my face refuses to grow a solid moustache. He and I both agree that the waxes packaging is great. It's a smaller, more streamlined  tin that is a perfect fit for any pocket. Joel told me that the scent was great and just like the Beard Balm, not overbearing or too bold and subtle, but noticeable. Man Face Stuff is definitely more of a pro-moustache company featuring a great selection of waxes. Scents like "Stiff Breeze", "All Nighter", "Ginger Daddy", and  "Red Hot". They also have unscented styles as well. Joel said that the wax was "decent" and the only thing about it he didn't like was how often he had to re-apply the wax. Sometimes more than 5 times a day. Doesn't seem too excessive, but it could be more "waxey" and have a little longer hold.

All in all Man Face Stuff definitely has an affordable set of uniquely packaged, and high quality products. They are a new company, and have a ton of promise. I strongly suggest grabbing a wax through their Etsy store, and seeing how it does for you. Let us know over here with your comments. 

Thanks to Man Face Stuff for letting Beardsman review this product.