Thursday, April 26, 2012

Product Review: Man Face Stuff

 A little while ago I was talking with a great friend of mine, Neven Mrgan. His talented brother, Daniel Mrgan is the wonderful designer that makes Beardsman look so damn fresh. I was visiting him a little while back, and mentioned to him that I was looking for new products that make beards and moustaches more tolerable to maintain and  keep on faces. Neven lives in Portland, Oregon where it has been recently named the most bearded city out of all in the union. That being said, he told me about a guy who makes this homemade, wonderfully scented, high quality waxes and balms. So when Man Face Stuff sent me some samples of their wax and balm, I was very excited to try them out. 

I'll start with the Beard Balm because I definitely got the most use of this. The first thing I noticed when I opened the mail package is the packaging. Man Face Stuff has a definite eye for style. Incredibly professional, highly stylized, various sized tins. These days, packaging is very important, and there is a practical side as well. The tins are a great size to fit into a pocket or keep out on your dresser or counters without a terrible looking bottle or something weak. Aside from the packaging, the balm itself has a great scent. It is not overwhelming, and pleasant. It's manly enough to be for a dude, but you won't smell like you just cut down a tree. I'm more of a "fresh and clean" scent kind-of-a-guy, so it's a nice medium. When you open the tin, you'll see what looks like a candle without it's wick. The only thing about the product that I had a hard time with (if you want to call it that) was the application of the balm. I think that there should be a little more direction for the new jacks. Even I had problems knowing "how" to apply it. How much, how to, maybe small list of examples, etc... Just a thought, but overall The Man Face Stuff, Beard Balm is a solid product. Needs a little more attention to application instructions, but perfect practice makes perfect I guess.

The waxes that Man Face Stuff sent Beardsman was the Gin and Tonic scent/flavor. Now, truth be told, I had a friend, Joel test this out for me. (The true meaning of "friends with benefits") I asked him to let me know how he liked it because my face refuses to grow a solid moustache. He and I both agree that the waxes packaging is great. It's a smaller, more streamlined  tin that is a perfect fit for any pocket. Joel told me that the scent was great and just like the Beard Balm, not overbearing or too bold and subtle, but noticeable. Man Face Stuff is definitely more of a pro-moustache company featuring a great selection of waxes. Scents like "Stiff Breeze", "All Nighter", "Ginger Daddy", and  "Red Hot". They also have unscented styles as well. Joel said that the wax was "decent" and the only thing about it he didn't like was how often he had to re-apply the wax. Sometimes more than 5 times a day. Doesn't seem too excessive, but it could be more "waxey" and have a little longer hold.

All in all Man Face Stuff definitely has an affordable set of uniquely packaged, and high quality products. They are a new company, and have a ton of promise. I strongly suggest grabbing a wax through their Etsy store, and seeing how it does for you. Let us know over here with your comments. 

Thanks to Man Face Stuff for letting Beardsman review this product. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bay of Beards 2011 contest update: Winners and Thanks!

2011 Best in Show trophy

After months of planning, hundreds of hours and dollars spent, this year's 2011, third annual Bay of Beards contest is over. It was a wild ride this year for sure. With six major categories of judging, and over fifty competitors, 90 degree Florida heat, 300 attendees, and lots and lots of beer we have an amazing collection of winners. The Bay of Beard fundraiser raised $1810 for National Health Care for the Homeless Council. I couldn't be more pleased, and I want to quickly thank everyone who made it possible, the competitors, and the spectators.

Special Thanks go to my crew here at Jocelyn Nunez and Yvonne Rygiel, responsible for our amazing trophies this year and years past. Justin Brecese, Chris Denny, and Morgan Gall for being best buds and wonderful judges. Without any one of these people, the Bay of Beards events would fall to pieces. Andrew Kovanis, Dylan Williams, Steve Mutschler, and Mindy Ecob our event volunteers (planned or impromptu). Last, but not least The Dunedin Brewery for hosting our fine event.

The Winner's Circle

Best overall Beard
- Jonathan Rice

Longest Beard
1st Place- Joe Drummer @ 23"
2nd Place- Jonathan Rice @ 21"
3rd Place- Mark Drizd @ 17.5"

Full Beard
1st Place- Jon Rice
2nd Place- Dewey Miller
3rd Place- Mark Drizd

Freestyle Beard
1st Place- Austin Buchanan
2nd Place- Brandon Wagner
3rd Place- Mike Sullivan

Partial Beard
1st Place- Jonathan Howle (spelling?)
2nd Place- Richard Sidney
3rd Place- Nick Nineth

1st Place- Michael Johnson
2nd Place- Zak Kuhn
3rd Place- Richard Sydney

Thanks to our sponsors this year: The Dunedin Brewery,, Tampa Bay Rays, Citrus, Classic Tattoos, Blue Beards Original, Forever Tattoo, Greek City, Jimmy Johns, Trek Bicycles, MAC Cosmetics Countryside Mall, Emerald City Comics, and Tampa Bay Derby Darlins.

Austin - 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bay of Beards 2011!!! September 24th

Hello, Beardsman! It's been a very long time since I have done an update. Life has taken some very strange twists and turns lately, but not away from the main reason I do this damn thing.

I am incredibly pleased to let you know that the Third Annual Bay of Beards beard and moustache contest is coming to Florida once again! Saturday, September 24th at the Dunedin Brewery we will have our night! I just finished the new B.O.B. site the other night so be sure to check it out. It came out great, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Bay of Beards Link. Please let me know what you think.

More information is coming in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned!

Thanks for the continued support,

Monday, May 31, 2010

Product Review

When I was first contacted by Bluebeards Original to review their products for Beardsman, I remember being very skeptical of a “beard shampoo and condition”. It seemed almost hokey, and to be a cheap marketing tactic. Needless to say I kind of had it out for them from the get go, but I was very interested to see and more importantly feel the difference.

The thing that I was most skeptical about was the “Beard Wash” shampoo. I don’t by any means have a brutal beard, but it does pose some of the usual problems including tangles, rough texture, and the inevitable shedding. After the first several days I noticed a pretty big difference in the texture and especially the cleanliness of my beard. The smell is a faint natural lime scent that truly is wonderful and I’m sure to be a positive change for the cuddle buddy in your life. My girlfriend loves it.

Bluebeards Original advertises that the Beard Wash is less harsh than other, more chemical based shampoos for your head hair. Their all natural ingredients maintain a great clean without those chemicals leaving not just your beard, but your face feeling very clean.

The only real “cons” of the product is the miniature size bottle that it comes in, even though, your only really needing about a nickel sized squirt to get the job done.

Next to try out was the “Beard Saver”. Made with the same natural ingredients and lime scent of the Beard Wash, the Beard Saver leave-in conditioner is really an awesome product. Right after the first application I noticed a drastic physical change in my beards texture. It made my beard have a soft, more “hair-like” feel. Combing through my beard with the Beard Saver in it made for fewer tangles. After about a week of daily applications I noticed that my beard was starting to shed a lot less as well. The overall feel was just a healthy and vibrant man-scape. I was genuinely surprised by the product and have been recommending it to close friends who have way more gnarly beards than I do to try it out. It’s worth it.

Bluebeards Original Duo is $36.00

Beard Wash alone is $14.00

Beard Saver alone is $24.00

As a cheap dude that’s not a great price, but it is a fair amount of product for the price. I have been using both products almost every day for over a month and have about 50% of it left. Being made in the USA and from all natural products it’s a reasonable price for a higher end hair care product.

Bottom Line: This is a solid product that I recommend for the pros or for the everyday beard wearer. It made my beard feel awesome, look fuller, and smell amazing.

For more information and details about Bluebeards Original products go to their website at

Sincerely bearded,

Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Bay of Beards Results!

Hello, Beardsman! It has been a while since I’ve had some time to sit and actually update the site a bit since the contest. So this will be a big post to catch all of you up on everything.

First and most importantly, the contest went incredibly well. The rnout was great with over 250 attendees. All together we raised 2090 dollars; crushing last year’s proceeds and this year’s goal. We couldn’t have done it without a handful of amazing volunteers that made a ton of the event what it was.

Special thanks from myself (Austin) and Beardsman go out to the following individuals: JP Marra, Randon Martin, Anthony Grajirena for the beautiful flyers, Jocelyn Nunez and Yvonne Rygiel for the amazing handmade trophies and other d├ęcor, Justin Brecese, Morgan Gall, and Chris Denny for being the critical beard growing judges, and Adam Williams and Dylan Williams for helping out at the door, Lilt Lathauser, Andrea Jenkins, Kendal Fleming, The Dunedin Brewery for keeping everything together and doing a great (job again), Shark Destroyer, and lastly all of the great sponsors that contributed to the raffle and prizes.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for their generous donations: The Dunedin Brewery, Classic Tattoos, Forever Tattoos, MAC, Bluebeards Original, Moe’s Mexican Grill (Countryside), Chainwheel Drive, Peg & Awl, Kabob House, Dunedin House of Beers, Tampa Bay Paintball, Chris Reed, Ryan Cullen, Scott Lukacs, Keller, Jocelyn Nunez, Daniel Mrgan, Allen Hampton, Anthony Grajirena, Chris Parks, Berto, Girl.Bike.Dog, Hands On Bicylcles, Burro Bags, 66Fixed, Heart of Gold Clothing, Yanko Pads, and City Cycle Supply.

For those that haven’t heard, seen, or met any of the winners from the beard and moustache competition, please allow me to introduce these amazingly bushy Beardsman.

Bearded Ladies

1st – Lizz Teti

2nd – Tiffany Cortes

3rd – Angel Toston

Longest Beard

1st – Dan Wing (13”)

2nd - Mark Stewart (10 ¾”)

3rd – Jason Mott (10”)

Natural Full Beard

1st – Dan Wing

2nd – Mark Stewart

3rd – Ryan Lessl


1st - Jason Misner

2nd - Kienan Almeida

3rd - Chris Reed


1st – Bato Ijacic

2nd - Charlie Haueter

3rd – George Gallandre-Lebhar

Styled Moustache

1st – Zak Kuhn

2nd – Austin Peterson

3rd – Jason Messick

Freestyle Beard

1st – Brandon Wagner

2nd – Jason Misner

Best Overall Beard

Mark Stewart

Shortbox Beard

1st – Joe DiSanza

2nd – Jake Connelly

3rd – Tyee Jordan

Natural Moustache

1st – Matt Patton

2nd – Tony Tietto

3rd – Brian Nitzer


1st - Damon Goldsmith

2nd – Jean-Paul Gagnon

3rd – Charlie Haueter

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 Beardsman Beard & Moustache Contest

The Bay of Beards website is finally up, and is always being updated. Check it out here. I hope you like it can make it out. The contest will be on May 1st 2010 at the Dunedin Brewery. Should be great this year.

Thats all for now,

Beard Team USA Announcement

To All Members and Fans of Beard Team USA,

Plans for the $5000 BTUSA National Beard and Moustache
Championships in Bend, Oregon on June 5 are well underway.

Huge Announcement

Online registration for the Nationals is now available!
Just go to for everything
you need to know. Registration for competitors is $40, which
gets you into the competition, two chances to win $1000 (one for
winning your category and another in the drawing), and free beer
during the event.

Before you register, be sure to check out the options available for
activities on Friday, June 4. When you register, you can sign up for a
choice of mountain biking, brewery hopping, canoeing, cave exploring, or
rafting. All of the activities have limited availability so be sure to sign
up soon. Click here for more information about the activities.

Also, note that there are three choices for lodging. The upscale Mt.
Bachelor Village Resort offer rooms and condos for a range for prices. Most
people will stay at the mid-range Phoenix Inn, which is offering suites to
our group for a rate of $109 per night. The budget option is at the Super 8
Motel with rooms for about $70.

If you stay at the Mt. Bachelor Village or at the Super 8, you will probably
want to have a car. If you are at the Phoenix Inn, you won't need one,
since the Phoenix Inn is right downtown.

Another Huge Announcement

Two-time World Beard Champion (Full Beard Natural) and noted beard book author
Jack Passion will not be competing. Jack is going to step aside and
give others with full beards a shot at the $1000. Instead, he will be the
onstage host of the competition.

Be sure to check for the latest information.

See you in Bend!

Phil Olsen
Founder and Self-Appointed Captain
Beard Team USA