Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey Beardsman and Beard-ladies. I have a couple updates regarding the contest, new merchandise, and website updates.

The 2010 Bay of Beards Competition IS CONFIRMED!!!
On Saturday, May 1st 2010 the Dunedin Brewery will be hosting the second annual Beardsman beard and moustache contest. The Brewery did an amazing job last year, and we are looking forward this year going off even bigger. We already have received a couple very generous donations and are avidly looking for more donors. If you or your business is interested in being a donor for this year’s Beardsman contest please contact Austin at faceforest@beardsman.com. This week I’m going to be posting http://BayOfBeards.com, the contest website.

I have updated the website pretty well in each of the pages. If you get a moment to check out some of the stuff I added, I think you’ll be into some of the additions. I’ve added a couple games in the arcade, and added one or two beard styles. Beardsman is looking for official Team members that are located in FL. Be sure to check out the “team” page, I have some more information on there.

We have recently put out a piece of merchandise called the Bearded Danglers. Check out the store. Yvonne Rygiel of stellasophia has hand made these wonderful little buddies. There are only a couple of the Danglers in existence as of right now, so make sure you move with haste! We will be releasing some more merchandise soon. It might keep you northerners a little bit warmer than a t-shirt (not to give it away or anything).

In other beard news, The WBMC and Beard Team USA have posted new websites. They look fantastic so check them out. If you are in the Austin, TX area Misprint Mag is hosting a beard & moustache contest. http://m.misprintmagazine.com/post/379216950/4th-annual-misprint-beard-and-moustache-competition

Hope you enjoy the good news here and keep checking back for updates.