Monday, May 31, 2010

Product Review

When I was first contacted by Bluebeards Original to review their products for Beardsman, I remember being very skeptical of a “beard shampoo and condition”. It seemed almost hokey, and to be a cheap marketing tactic. Needless to say I kind of had it out for them from the get go, but I was very interested to see and more importantly feel the difference.

The thing that I was most skeptical about was the “Beard Wash” shampoo. I don’t by any means have a brutal beard, but it does pose some of the usual problems including tangles, rough texture, and the inevitable shedding. After the first several days I noticed a pretty big difference in the texture and especially the cleanliness of my beard. The smell is a faint natural lime scent that truly is wonderful and I’m sure to be a positive change for the cuddle buddy in your life. My girlfriend loves it.

Bluebeards Original advertises that the Beard Wash is less harsh than other, more chemical based shampoos for your head hair. Their all natural ingredients maintain a great clean without those chemicals leaving not just your beard, but your face feeling very clean.

The only real “cons” of the product is the miniature size bottle that it comes in, even though, your only really needing about a nickel sized squirt to get the job done.

Next to try out was the “Beard Saver”. Made with the same natural ingredients and lime scent of the Beard Wash, the Beard Saver leave-in conditioner is really an awesome product. Right after the first application I noticed a drastic physical change in my beards texture. It made my beard have a soft, more “hair-like” feel. Combing through my beard with the Beard Saver in it made for fewer tangles. After about a week of daily applications I noticed that my beard was starting to shed a lot less as well. The overall feel was just a healthy and vibrant man-scape. I was genuinely surprised by the product and have been recommending it to close friends who have way more gnarly beards than I do to try it out. It’s worth it.

Bluebeards Original Duo is $36.00

Beard Wash alone is $14.00

Beard Saver alone is $24.00

As a cheap dude that’s not a great price, but it is a fair amount of product for the price. I have been using both products almost every day for over a month and have about 50% of it left. Being made in the USA and from all natural products it’s a reasonable price for a higher end hair care product.

Bottom Line: This is a solid product that I recommend for the pros or for the everyday beard wearer. It made my beard feel awesome, look fuller, and smell amazing.

For more information and details about Bluebeards Original products go to their website at

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  1. I tried this product myself and I found that it does not last very long unless you use ALLOT. Has anyone else noticed that when you use allot of this stuff it makes your beard stiff after a while? It also has (Cetyl Alcohol; Isopropyl Palmitate; Sorbitan Monostearate; Polysorbate 60;) in the ingredients... I’m not sure what that stuff is but I choose not to put it in my beard anymore. The only thing i’m putting in my beard these days are organic products like the ones from
    Has anybody else tried these out?


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