Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Merchandise and Contest News

Afternoon beards everywhere. We haven't spoken in a while so I figured it was time to update the site. As you may notice, I have made a blog for the Growers Gazette so you can follow Beardsman news easier.

There are some new developments at Beardsman HQ. We are getting ready for the holiday season. We are going to be releasing the "Face Forest" t-shirt with a new color! Also, we will be printing a hoodie this year. Here in FL it doesn't get very cold, but everywhere else in the world might appreciate them. Our good friend Daniel Mrgan is going to be designing a brand new shirt/hoodie. We're very excited to see what his ridiculous mind comes up with.

In other news, the November contest has been cancelled. I've fully explained this back a couple entries ago. I've been looking for a good venue for the next contest. This will be good...I promise.

More soon,

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