Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monthly Trimmings: Tips, tricks, and beard styles of the month

Recently I have had a handful of people asking me about I trip and shape my full beard. So I decided to make this section of the Gazette for them.

Trimming a Full Beard Style:
1st Step: Comb out beard so that it is showing it's true shape. You want the whole beard to be off the surface of your face. Take your time, you should allow for about 10 minutes of trimming. Don't rush unless you don't like your beard....then rush.

2nd Step: With a beard trimmer or scissors, (I find free-hand is best) carefully start shaping and evening the hairs. I prefer a roundish beard, so I usually trip the beard to look like an egg shape. Continue until you have man-scaped your face forest into whatever shape you basicaly want.

3rd Step: Repeat Step 1. You should notice that your beard when it is combed out should look some what like the desired shape.

4th Step: Repeat step 2. This time making sure that all the hairs are uniform and your face shape looks symetrical.

5th Step: Moving to the neck line. This is always a sticky situation for most so I have found a good diagram of what to do and not to do.

I find that a good rule to go by is the beard neckline should stop right above or on the the adams apple. From center you can shape the bottom into a half circle. Shaping from the adams apple to the back of your jaw line.

I hope this helps!

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